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Roof leaks are a common maintenance issue for most Pittsburgh, PA homeowners. It can cause damage to your home if the cause isn't identified and repaired immediately. Since water flows outward from the spot where a leak occurs, it may be hard to determine the exact cause. 

However you slice it though, no one wants to have a leaky roof. We at Roofing Contractors Pittsburgh – a leaking roof repair Pittsburgh PA Company – can help you avoid a leaky roof. In this article, we'll be sharing seven causes of roof leaks.

Damaged or Loose Shingles 

Shingles are the outermost layer of a roof, and you can identify missing shingles by discerning different-colored spots on your roof. A damaged, lost or lose shingle can cause roof leaks when water comes in through the spaces created from the loose shingles. 

Why it occurs: heavy rains and high winds affecting the already aging homes roofing system.

Cracked Flashing 

Flashing are thin metal sheets installed either under the shingles or above it to jeep water away. Most times, the tar used to install the flashing corrodes over time leaving the flashing vulnerable to harsh weather elements like wind and rain. When this happens, cracks appear, and water begins to get into the house from those cracks. 

Why it occurs: If your flashing is left exposed to rain and wind, it can cause a crack.

If you're in Pittsburgh, you can avoid by having a great leaking roof repair company do regular checks on your roof. 

Improperly Installed  Skylights 

Skylights are a beautiful addition to the decor of your house. But, if they are not correctly installed, it could damage your roof and cause a leaky roof. 

Why it occurs: Poorly measuring and installing the skylights or deteriorated insulation by the edges of the skylight.

Ice Dam Buildup 

An ice dam builds up is usually a ridge of ice located at the edge of the roof that prevents water from running off. The weight of the ice can damage the roof and break the shingles. You can avoid this by clearing off the snow on the roof regularly.

Why it occurs: when water runs between your roof’s surface and snow. It will then refreeze into ice as soon as it strikes the roof’s outer edge.


Constantly climbing on the roof and getting up there can put unnecessary weight on the shingles. If you make a habit of this over time, the roof might weaken and begin to have leaks. 

Why It Happens: A lot of roofing materials are delicate. You may step on a fundamental element or damage an unstable seal.

Take away

Sometimes in a bid to save up money, you might decide to fix your roof yourself or call in an unprofessional to do the installation. They might not do a good job. Also, the roof might leak again after the first winter or heavy rainfall then you'd have to pay again to get it done. 

If you’re in search of a professional roofing company, contact Roofing Contractors in Pittsburgh. With our extensive knowledge of leaking roof repair Pittsburgh PA, we will help you fix any roof leaks.

Always remember to check your roof for some common causes of leaks to prevent a leak or to avoid future leaks.

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